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Backblaze Price Increases Coming

Hello everyone I wanted to make a short update on Backblaze, but before I dive into that news I want to give a short update on the site. You may have noticed I have not been posting much lately. Back in February I caught COVID and while I appeared to recover well I am one of the unlucky few that have had long term symptoms. I do hope that I can get back to regular posts here soon. Now on to the price updates coming from Backblaze soon.

Backblaze computer backup pricing will be going up on October 3, 2023 for both new subscriptions and renewals. The new pricing will be $9/month, $99/year, and $189 for two-year subscription plans, and Forever Version History pricing will be $0.006/GB. That is an increase of $2/month on the monthly plan from the current price. If you have been holding off subscribing you should probably get on that as soon as possible. You could sign up for a two year plan still for $130.00 now and save $49.00 before the price increase.

Along with the price increase comes a new freebie as well. On October 3 computer backup users will be able to enable the one year extended version history. This is currently priced at an extra $2/month. So the price increase is really going to make the one year extended version history part of your subscription.

Here in September Backblaze computer backup version 9 has been released. I have not had a chance to actually try it yet, but it does include a new local restore experience. This has long been one of the biggest requests and complaints of Backblaze computer backup so it will be interesting to see how the new restore feature works.

Backblaze B2 will also be seeing price increases on October 3, 2023. The storage price will be going up from $5/TB to $6/TB. Backblaze B2 users will also be getting more free egress data starting on October 3 as well. You will now be able to download up to three times the amount of data you store for free. Overage charges will be priced at $0.01/GB.

I think that is all the Backblaze news I have. Once I get a chance to test the new Backblaze computer backup restore feature I will be sure to add a new post.

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