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CloudeeReviews Goes Serverless

Some big news here at CloudeeReviews, we have moved servers from a DigitalOcean Droplet to Cloudflare pages! We are officially serverless!

Why the move? There are lots of reasons to move to Cloudflare pages from WordPress/ClassicPress.

  1. WordPress/ClassicPress was becoming an updating nightmare. Regular core updates, plugin updates and theme updates were common and it just got to the point were I would spend what little time and energy I have doing mindless software updating instead of doing what I want to be doing, testing cloud apps and writing about them.
  2. Security has become even more of a concern with WordPress/ClassicPress over the years, and while there are ways to help improve on WordPress/ClassicPress security the fact remanes that having a WordPress/ClassicPress site exposes the site to many hacking attempts. If you are not constantly updating plugins (see point 1) you can be away on holiday and next thing you know your website is taken offline because some script bot found a plugin hole that did not get updated while you were gone. The simple way to stop it, simply don’t use WordPress/ClassicPress. Security problem fixed.
  3. Website speed has become even more important over the years and no matter how well you optimize WordPress/ClassicPress you are always going to have a bottle neck in speed. Cloudflare pages fixes much of this. Visit the site from Australia and the response time is going to be similar to the response time from Canada. The Cloudflare server infrastructure is much larger than I can afford if I needed to build it out on my own.
  4. Babysitting a server is not all it is cracked up to be. Similar to how you need to constantly update and maintain WordPress/ClassicPress running your own server comes at a cost. It requires time to manage and maintain the server software as well. Even if you use a service like Cloudways or ServerPilot servers still occasional run out of resources need rebooting and well they need to be babysat. I am tired of babysitting a server. Cloudflare pages frees me from this.

There were lots of reasons to move away from what we had. There is a cost though and currently that cost is we have removed all user comments that were available on the old site. At some point in the future I will look into adding comments and commenting back in. I may or may not offer user commenting again. Comments had become a constant battle against spam bots looking for an easy link back or spamming the site with useless garbage.

Welcome to the new site and I look forward to adding new posts and reviews soon.

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