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Cloudflare Raising Prices

I am a huge fan of Cloudflare, it is one of the few companies that I recommend to anyone that has a website. The CDN and security boost a website gets even from the free plan is well worth it. Not only that but they have continued to add to the services they offer. Cloudflare workers is amazing if you have some programming skills, but even for everyday webmasters Cloudflare can offer lots of options from image resizing, a new captcha service and if you do video they can even host that. Granted some of those extra services cost money which is the point of this post. Cloudflare has announced that they are raising their plan prices for the first time in 12 years.

The change takes effect in January 2023 and all current paying customers will stay on the old price until May 2023. The price changes are not huge. New signups to the Pro Plan will be $25.00 USD and the Business plan will be $250.00 USD. That is up from $20.00 USD and $200.00 USD respectively. One thing that was unique to Cloudflare is they only offered monthly plans. That will no longer be the case. They will also start offering yearly plans, offering a discount for those that pay for the whole year in advance. The savings for a yearly plan would be the same if you paid the old monthly rates. You just have to pay in advance. A Pro plan for example will be $240.00/year USD saving you $60.00 USD on the monthly rate working out to be $20.00 USD a month.

It sucks having to pay more for Cloudflare but there is some ok news as well. The free plan will continue to be free, and honestly I don’t think paying a year in advance is to difficult for most people that use the more advanced features. You can read all the gritty details on the Cloudflare blog here.

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