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fastupload.io - A mini review

There are times when you might just need to share a file with someone and you just don’t want to use your main cloud storage service. There could be lots of reasons, one I had recently for example my main cloud storage service was being blocked on the network I was on and I needed to send a file back to my office so the project we were working on could be completed. We were on a tight timeline and I needed a quick and easy way to send roughly 200mb file, this is where fastupload.io came in handy.

Things I Like

  • It is simple, you go to the site, upload your file get a link to send it to the person or persons you want to share the file with.
  • Once you share your file if it is not downloaded regularly it is automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • Max file upload size is a generous 10GB, although if you are uploading a 10GB file you might be in for quite a wait. Clearly it works better for smaller files.
  • After you upload your file you get a preview link and a download link to share. Here for example is the CloudeeReviews logo that I uploaded today just to demostrate. If the link to the logo is broken the file has been deleted (and it should be eventually delete).
  • They appear to offer decent encryption between you and them. That does not mean files are encrypted on their storage, just that your connection to them is encrypted.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Not surprising that shared files pages are packed full of ads. You have been warned if you click the link to the CloudeeReviews logo link above. On the one hand I understand they need to pay for that storage and bandwidth somehow but there are a lot of ads.
  • Chrome might not like downloading files from them. Even downloading the CloudeeReviews logo is only a PNG it set off download warnings.
  • It does not appear that files are encrypted at rest on their systems. That means anything you upload could possibly be seen and downloaded by pretty much any one. I recommend if you upload a file that you encrypt it in some way before uploading it. Even creating a zip file with a password if better than nothing. Of course don’t upload anything that is sensitive.

Overall Would I use fastupload.io for storing all my files, no. But the service can be useful if you need to send a file and you can’t use your regular service. I recommend that you do not upload anything sensitive but the service might come in handy if you need to transfer a file and your usual file sharing method is not possible.

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