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Google Photos Alternatives from Lemmy

I am always on the lookout for new alternatives to Google Photos to try and this morning this thread on Lemmy caught my eye. Here are some of the alternatives that were discussed that I found interesting.


This appears to be the clear leading alternative to Google Photos on the thread. I have to admit I am very interested in trying Immich out. Fortunately it using Docker, so I might have to update my top 5 2024 Docker containers list already but I am ok with that. I enjoy testing out new software and Docker makes it easy.


I had never heard of this service and was a bit surprised that it was being suggested. Not that the service is not a good alternative I am just not sure it would be a better or more private version of Google Photos. I guess it depends why you want to stop using Google Photos. It does look like an interesting service and as mentioned in the Lemmy post it is not very expensive.

NextCloud Memories

If you already have NextCloud running this looks like a great alternative to Google Photos. Personally I have avoided setting up and running NextCloud, purely because it seems like more than what I need, however if you already run NextCloud this might be a great fit for you to replace Google Photos.

Proton Drive

I am a Proton subscriber and even I had not heard about the new Proton Drive photos app. I will have to check it out. Again, not really free if you need more space but Proton has very strong encryption and if you are looking for a Google Gmail alternative as well I highly recommend Proton. They are quickly becoming one of my favourite online services.

If you are looking for an alternative to Google Photos take a read through the Lemmy thread. There might be some other ideas to try. I know I will be checking several of these options out in the next little while.

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