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Ever wanted to add a text based image to your plain boring emails or some other platform that only accepts text? If you have tons of time you could sit and create it yourself, spend time searching Google for text art generators and trying to create your own or you could just visit https://textart.sh/ and copy and paste your favorite images and get on with your day.

The site has a large collection of text art that you can just copy to your clipboard and use in your text based projects. I can also adjust some settings like how to fill the empty areas of the image and change the palette.

  ██              ██████████            
  ██▒▒        ▒▒▒▒██████████▒▒▒▒        
  ████▓▓      ██████████████  ▒▒        
            ████      ▓▓                
            ██▒▒      ▓▓                
            ██        ██                

The site has very little information about terms of use and how they collected all the text art. Some images are better than others but if you have a category in mind you can probably find an image that you will like for your text image needs. How often you really need something like this, probably not very often but it is a fun site to browse around.

If you are wanting to display the text art in HTML try enclosing it using the <pre></pre> tag. It worked for the dinosaur above but depending on the width of the text image it might break your website layout.

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