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Welcome to CloudeeReviews!

Welcome to CloudeeReviews! The first blog post is always the hardest one to write it seems because usually when I write a blog post I am writing to solve some kind of problem or offer my opinion on something. The reality is this site is my attempt to solve a problem for myself and I am simply inviting you along for the ride and encouraging you to help me solve the same problem.

The problem is simple really, the cloud has changed how we live and work, but it can be almost impossible to find the right cloud based app to solve the particular problem that you might be having. We all have different needs and requirements for why we choose one app over another and this is where CloudeeReviews comes in. While I will be offering my favorite cloud based apps and services I hope that you, the readers, will also take the time to leave your commments and reviews about the many cloud based services available out there.

The list of available cloud based services and apps is still growing that we have reviewed or added to the site, but with some help from you I hope this list can grow quickly. If you have a favorite cloud based app or service or a are a developer of a cloud based app or service we will invite you to share it here and I will try and get it into our index as quickly as possible.

With that I will sign off on this first blog post and get back to looking at cloud services and apps to add to the site. I hope we can all help each other by sharing our favorite apps and services to help find the right solutions for us all.

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