Carbonite World Backup Day Offer Code 2017

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I have not reviewed Carbonite here on CloudeeReviews yet but that should not stop people from getting a good deal. I have tried Carbonite in the past but that was before I started this site and have not circled back around yet to testing and reviewing them again. I had no big problems with Carbonite in the past and I can honestly say if you are looking for a cloud backup service Carbonite is a good choice. In fact I would probably place it in my top 5 choices.

For those that don’t know World Backup Day is coming up on March 31st, and Carbonite has announced a 20% promotion for the day. I don’t see promotions coming from Carbonite very often so this is a great opportunity if you are thinking of signing up with them.

Just use the offer code SAVE2017 when you sign up to take advantage of this offer.

While you do that I will work on getting a new review of Carbonite up so you can come back and leave a review of the service.

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