CloudBerry Lab Offering Free License for World Backup Day!

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If you did not know today, March 31, is World Backup Day! What does that mean? Well it is a day to remind people to make shure tehir data is backed up and to test that they can actually restore their data from the backup. To help celebrate World Backup Day 2017 CloudBerry Lab has a limited time offer for free licenses their CloudBerry Backup for Windows, Mac and Linux. Normally CloudBerry Backup sells for $29.99 so this is a great opportunity to get an excellent backup software.

To get your free license visit the Cloudberry World Backup Day page, click the button for the version of the software you want and fill in the form.

For the coupon code use: WBDAY17

For those wondering why about some of the cool cloud things that you can do with CloudBerry Backup, it supports encrypted backups to several cloud providers like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Backblaze B2, and many of the usual cloud services like Amazon S3. In fact CloudBerry Backup is one of the best ways to backup a computer to a cloud storage service and know that the files are securely encrypted.

The price is right if you can get a free license.

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