Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription On Sale

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If you, like me, have been wanting to get a Lifetime Plex Pass then now is the time to check it out. I went to the site today to discover that the price for the Lifetime Plex Pass is currently $30 off the regular price. You can currently get a Lifetime Plex Pass for $119.00 USD if you are in the US or if you are in Canada like myself it is $159.99. According to that actually works out to be a little less than the $119.00 USD price when I checked it.

Plex is a fantastic app with some great Android and iOS apps to go along with the server. In fact if you want to build your own media cloud to manage your media with easy access on all your devices I highly recommend getting Plex and a Lifetime Plex Pass. The features that I am looking forward to the most with the Lifetime Plex Pass is the ability to sync content to my mobile easily, have multiple users, and being able to upload my mobile photos directly to my Plex server. With some holidays coming up it will be great to know that the photos and videos I take will be safely copied to both my Google account and my Plex server back home in case I lose my phone for some reason.

I don’t know how long this deal on the Lifetime Plex Pass will last so you might want to head over to Plex and get is a soon as you can.

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