Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription On Sale Again!

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Plex recently released the new Plex Cloud, the ability to run your very own Plex server in the cloud using your favorite, well if Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive are your favorite, cloud storage services. This new feature is only available to Plex Pass subscribers, so if you are not a Plex Pass subscriber you are simply out of luck. However if you want to become a Plex Pass subscriber Plex has a deal for you! You can currently subscribe to the Lifetime Plex Pass for a sweet 20% off the regular price. The regular price is $149.99 USD but for a limited time you can get your Lifetime subscription for only $119.99 USD!

Personally I have the Lifetime Plex Pass and it is the only way I would subscribe to Plex. Paying monthly or yearly for the service, while not that expensive, just seems silly. Just pay the lifetime price and never have to worry about it again.

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