Spanning Backup
Spanning Backup
Spanning backup makes it easy to backup your Google, Office 365 and Salesforce accounts. Just because your account is out in the cloud does not mean you should not back it up. Spanning makes it quick, easy and affordable to keep your information safe in the event you lose your cloud based data. Spanning starts at $40.00/user/year but with our discount code you can save $5/user. Don't leave your cloud accounts unprotected, backup them up today!
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Want to save time managing your businesses social media profiles then Hootsuite is a great service for you. Not only can you manage Twitter, Facebook. Linkedin and Google+ accounts you can easily post to all of them and reply to people all from the easy to use Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Offers free and pro versions.
  • Can manage mulitple accounts on different social media services.
  • Schedule messages and tweets for the perfect time for you and your business for maximum benefit.
  • Know when people are talking about you and your brand by tracking brand mentions.
  • Analyze social media traffic and get vital analytics.
  • Millions of satisfied users us Hootsuite everyday.
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