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Vertopal Review

Vertopal is an online platform for converting computer files to a variety of file formats. Their main goal is to provide the best conversion quality without needing to install third-party applications.

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The Great

It is always great to have another file converting website in your toolbox because you never know when your favorite file converter might be unavailable. Vertopal might not be my favorite file converting website but it certainly is useful when you need it. They offer the ability, at the time of this writing, to convert many image, document, spreadsheet, presentation, markup, ebook and font file formats to other formats.

You can easily upload files by dragging and dropping the files on the main page of the website then select the format you want to convert the file into. I tried several different formats from images to csv files and word processing files and the process is almost identical everytime. Upload the file, select the format to convert too, click continue, get a preview if possible, click convert and then download the file. It is a simply process that should be easy for the majority of users to accomplish.

The Not So Great

Ads, ads and more ads. I get it, websites cost money and ads help to pay for free sites like Vertopal. The number of ads on the site is very high and the number of ads on the download page with big download buttons is extreme and would be easy to confuse the download button you want with a download button on an ad. Honestly if you want to use Vertopal have an ad blocker or use a browser like Brave that has an ad blocker built in.

I was also a little disappointed that there is no ability to convert audio or video files. I can understand why, they can require a considerable more processing power and are larger. But it is disappointing if you just need to do a quick convert of an audio file for a podcast of something.


Vertopal is a handy tool to keep in your toolkit but it might not be your first place to turn depending on the file type you need to convert.