StableBit CloudDrive and Backblaze

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I finished off the review for StableBit CloudDrive yesterday and realized as I looked through my YouTube list of videos and realized I had recorded a clip running StableBit CloudDrive and Backblaze backup. While the clip does not show a great deal of fetching from CloudDrive it does show that Backblaze will recognize the StableBit CloudDrive as an external drive and backup the files from it. In the video there are actually two cloud drives mounted as a spanned volume in Windows that Backblaze is seeing. When I was testing Backblaze I also tested CloudXtender in a similar way as StableBit CloudDrive but it was ignore by Backblaze. Only StableBit CloudDrive was seen as a real drive and could be backed up by Backblaze.

I have sped up the clip so it is only around two minutes long. If you watch you can see when the reads from cloud drive take place.

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