TinyJPG vs. Compressimage.io

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This series of comparisons between TinyJPG (TinyPNG) and other image compression services continues today taking a look at Compressimage.io. Eventually I will write a roundup post looking at the results of all of these comparisons.

I am running low on cat photos so I thought I would switch it up and use one of the many sunset photos I have taken. I, like many others, probably take far to many sunset photos so I have a fairly large collection to draw from. Here is the original image. It comes in at 4.5 MB.

TinyJPG is always consistent in providing a decent compressed version of a photo. The compressed version from TinyJPG is 694.3 KB a reduction of 85% from the original.

Compressimage.io, is an interesting website. It uses open source Compressor.js for compressing JPG’s all in the browser. That means there is no uploading to an unknown server that you have to trust to compress your images. It is all done inside the browser. Since you don’t actually upload the images to a server there is also no limit on the file size or how many images you can compress.

Compressimage.io, like several other image compression tools, offers the ability to change the output quality so I ran to compression 3 times at quality 80, 70 and 60. Here are the results from best quality to lowest. Quality 80 is compressed to 1.8 MB a 61% compression. Quality 70 is compressed to 1.2 MB a 72% compression. Quality 60 is compressed to 948.3 KB a 79% compression.

As much as I like open source tools like Compressimage.io, I have to give this round to TinyJPG. I had to lower the quality down to 44 before I could get an image from Compressimage.io. There might be a better way to get similar compression from Compressimage.io but if you are just wanting to quickly compress and image to share it do you really want to sit and fuss with obscure settings?

Here is the quality 44 image if anyone wants to see Compressimage.io compressed version that was as small as the TinyJPG version.

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