TinyJPG vs. iLoveIMG

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Took a couple days off testing image compressors vs. TinyJPG (TinyPNG) but wanted to get back at it today. Today I am testing out iLoveIMG that offers a lot more than just image compression, but for today I am just going to test out the Compress Image function on their website.

For testing today here is the original image. It comes in a 1.7 MB, far to large for a decent load time.

TinyJPG, as usual does a good job of compressing the image and outputting a decent quality JPG. This compressed image is only 255.9 KB and is a reduction of 85% from the original.

The iLoveIMG compress image feature is very similar to TinyJPG. It does not offer any quality setting options. Simply upload an image and it just does the best it can. As we have seen with TinyJPG that makes a user friendly tool but it might not actually produce the best compressed image. Our test image compressed with iLoveIMG ends up being 259.79 KB which they say is a reduction of 85%. Not sure of the math on their tool since that percentage is the same as TinyJPG but the size is a little larger. Perhaps it is a rounding error.

If you are just needing image compression TinyJPG is probably your best option between TinyJPG and iLoveIMG. If you need to do some other things to your image give iLoveIMG a try it might be just what you need for some minor image tweaks. In this test I have to give the win to TinyJPG.

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