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Backblaze Black Friday Promo Code 2023

If you are not backing up your computer to the cloud yet I have some great news for you this Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can save 20% on a new subscription to Backblaze personal backup. You won’t find promo codes for Backblaze very often so take advantage of this deal as soon as you can.

Starting November 20th, 2023 at midnight until November 27th at 11:59 pm PT, new Backblaze personal backup customers can score a 20% discount by simply entering the code BLAZEITUP23 at checkout. This promo code is good only for Backblaze Personal Backup, not Backblaze B2.

Click Here to Sign Up Now and SAVE!

Using this promo code you can get a two year subscription to Backblaze for $151.20. Per year that would only be $75.60. You definitely get the best deal by signing up for a two year subscription. A one year subscription with the discount would be $79.80 for the year if you don’t want to sign up for two years.

There is no easier way to backup your computer to the cloud and keep your files safe than to use Backblaze. It is the cloud backup service I personally use, and I have tested and used many over the years.

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