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DesignEvo Review

DesignEvo is a cross-platform including web-based, Android, iOS, Mac) for designing impressive logos in seconds. With nearly 10,000+ wide range of pre-set templates would let you find a template to match your industry and website. And have more choice to pick an awesome logo templates. Besides, it has an extensive collection of resources, including 1,000,000 icons, hundreds of fonts, and shapes. DesignEvo makes your designing assignment easier to be done with its practical tools by dragging, dropping and clicking. Description supplied by DesignEvo.

Price: $0.00 Free: If you give credit. Basic: $24.99. Plus: $49.99 One time fee.

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  • Lots of templates to start from.
  • Editor easy to use.


  • Free is not really free.
  • Is a little pricey for a logo creator.

The Great

Making a great logo for a project is a huge part of making a project successful. DesignEvo is an interesting service that allows you to create a logo for your new website or business easily and quickly. They give you access to thousands for design templates to make it easy to get started and the editor is easy to use.

For example here is a screenshot of the CloudeeReviews logo.

The Not So Great

If you are not a graphic designer your options here are limited to using the templates. That means you might end up with a fairly generic logo that is similar to many other logos. If you are looking at branding for your company DesignEvo will only get you so far.

While the service says it is free, free still comes at a cost. You need to give them credit even on the free version. You could in theory create a logo using Inkscape or the GIMP and not have to worry about paying anything at all.


If you are just looking for a quick and easy logo for a web project DesignEvo might be just want you need.