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Cloud Based Tax Software for Canada

It is tax time here in Canada and that means it is time to get all my receipts and documents in order to do my taxes. Fortunately one of the easiest parts of doing taxes is being able to use cloud based software to help fill in all the appropriate forms and occasionally, I hope save me some money as well. If you are new to doing your taxes online it can be daunting to know what software to use.

Here in Canada the Canadian Revenue Agency has list of online software that you can use to complete your taxes. Below is the list of online software the CRA website lists.

Free products

Free products with restrictions

What the CRA won’t or can’t say is which service to use. Personally I have used the TurboTax Online software in the past to do and file my taxes using Netfile. It works well and is easy to use even with some special circumstances that I have with my taxes.

The SimpleTax software looks very nice and could be perfect for someone that only has a simple personal return to do. I have only tried the software and not completed a whole return with it but it has a very nice feel and seems easy to use.

Do you use cloud based tax software to complete your yearly returns? What service do you prefer? Let us all know what you like to use.

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