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CloudFlare Turns on Accelerated Mobile Links

One of the things I have been working on this week was how to turn on Accelerated Mobile Pages here on CloudeeReviews.com. How appropriate that the week I am working on adding AMP to CloudeeReviews.com is also the week that CloudFlare announces that they are turning on support for Accelerated Mobile Links. Usually you only get directed to AMP pages when you are using your mobile and are using a search engine like Google or from Facebook. With CloudFlare turning on support for AMP links now if you are browsing sites like CloudeeReviews.com on your mobile and are seeing the AMP version of the page, if you tap a link from our site to another site and if they offer an AMP version of the page you will automatically load the AMP version of the page.

This makes browsing on your phone considerably faster. CloudFlare estimates the mobile experience will be roughly 3 times faster than browsing without AMP. While there are limits to what AMP pages can have in them and do it certainly makes it faster for end users to read and access information.

It also makes it easier for those that manage websites. No longer do we have to worry about what version of a story to link out too, CloudFlare will simply send the user to the correct link. CloudFlare has made it easy for their users to turn on AMP links. CloudFlare users just need to log in to their CloudFlare account, select the website they would like AMP Links turned on for and visit the Speed tab. Scroll down and CloudFlare users should see a section that looks like the image below.

Now if you are browsing this post on your mobile, you could be seeing this as either an AMP page or using our mobile site, but visiting any of the following links you should be directed to the AMP pages automatically.

Thanks to CloudFlare the web got just a little faster today.

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