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Insync for OneDrive Coming

Insync for OneDrive Insync, one of my favorite desktop clients for Google Drive is working on adding support for OneDrive. This is great news for those of us that do use OneDrive for storing files and syncing across devices, especially if you use Linux (like I am right now). There really is no decent OneDrive Linux desktop client but the addition of Insync will make OneDrive usable for many desktop Linux users.

If you are interested in trying the beta of Insync for OneDrive you should head over to the Insync OneDrive page to sign up for the beta.

Some of the features that Insync for OneDrive plans to bring are similar to Insync for Google Drive. The features they currently list include:

  • Selectively sync your OneDrive files
  • Sync OneDrive files on multiple platforms
  • Manage your OneDrive files with a GUI
  • Sync folders anywhere
  • Sync multiple OneDrive Accounts

I am not clear if the same desktop client will be able to sync both Google Drive and OneDrive, but if it can this will certainly make Insync one of the better desktop clients available. No need to run multiple desktop clients if Insync can do it all. I have signed up for the beta and look forward to giving the new client a try when it is available.

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