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AirVPN Review


AirVPN features a fantastic perspective to privacy, and has the technical power to back it up. With the support for VPN through Tor and excellent speed and dependability. Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

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I gave AirVPN a try to other day and have been very impressed with the service. While many VPN services make it easy to connect they limit your ability to try different ports and ways to connect. AirVPN is the best of both worlds, easy to use and connect while still making it easy to try different ways to connect to the service.

This all came about because it seemed my ISP was doing deep packet inspection of my VPN traffic and throttling my bandwidth based on the fact that I was using a VPN. Since I need to use a VPN for my work yet have a 100mbps Fiber connection I was being limited to only 10mbps no matter what VPN service I tried. This changed when I tried AirVPN. While the automatic settings were still being traffic shaped and limited I was able to select different ports and was able to finally connect in a way that allowed me more bandwidth and seemed to get around the limits my ISP was placing on my VPN usage.

If you are finding your VPN speed limited give AirVPN a try. They have some very affordable plans even for short term, I purchased a 3 day plan just to try the service. You will know very quickly if the service is the right one for you. They even accept Bitcoin if you like to use cryptocurrancy instead of the usual payment methods.

Overall I highly recommend AirVPN.


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