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Block Posters Review

Free easy to use service to create large prints or posters. The free version displays the Block Posters logo in the printout. For $5.00 you can remove the logo.

Price: $0.00 Premium Poster $5.00

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The Good

It is easy! Upload your image in JPG format and Block Posters will let you customize your settings. Choose how many pages wide you would like the final image to print, whether is has a border or not and the size of paper and presto Block Posters will create a PDF you can download and then print the pages off on your home printer.

It comes in very handy to print off large info graphics or if you want to create a poster.

The Not So Good

Limited to JPG images. Not a huge problem but if you have a large image in any other format you are going to need to convert it to a JPG.


Block Posters makes it easy and quick to print out larger posters for hanging in your room or just printing large images across multiple pages. No need to install anything extra and the $5.00 is a small price to pay if you want to remove the logo.