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$0.00 Plans start at $3/month.

Degoo offers a large amount of free backup storage and for those in a very tight budget might be worth looking into. The free storage does come at a price though, with the desktop app trying hard to install other apps as well at the option for the desktop app to also mine cryptocurrancy for the company. There are better cloud backup services available out there but if you are on a very tight budget or just love the idea of having 100GB of free space then Degoo is for you.

TL;DR The Degoo desktop app is seriously lacking in features such as scheduling, incremental backup and more. If you are serious about purchasing a subscription with a cloud backup service look at Backblaze or IDrive.

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  • 100GB of free backup space.
  • Android app easy to use.
  • Deleted files kept for 14 days for free accounts. 60 days for premium accounts.
  • Stores Files using 256-bit AES Encryption.
  • Restore easy to do.

  • Tries hard to have you install other apps on desktop.
  • Windows and Mac app is really lacking.
  • Mines cryptocurrancy using your spare CPU cycles.
  • No iOS app (as of this writing)
  • Windows and Mac free version requires a credit card.
  • Need to spam friends and family to download.

The number of cloud backup services offering large quantities of free space can be counted on one hand, and that list is getting shorter all the time. For this reason I was interested in Degoo since 100GB of free backup space is enough to store a fairly large quantity of data. Considering my photos alone are well over 50GB in size it can get expensive to backup and store data. While the draw to Degoo was the large amount of free space it became very obvious that they are doing everything they can to find ways to make money from offering you free space.

The first offer from Degoo before I even started downloading the application.
As you can see in the video I have embedded below of my testing if the sign up and setup process on a Windows 10 machine the sales start the minute you click the download now button on their website. The first option I encountered was an option to manage my search providers before I started the download. It would be very easy for someone not reading closely to easily install this option and have some browser plugin installed. While it is a little sneaky at least they give you the option to skip or ignore the added install, while other service might just do it for you, I would say just be sure to pay attention to what they are trying to do.

The second offer during the setup wizard. How many more there are I don’t know because I clicked Skip All.
Once you download the installation file and start the setup wizard I was presented with the license agreement and then, surprise surprise, with another option to install even more software that I was not interested in. The nice part was the option to Skip All but the questions did seem confusing on purpose seeming to try and trick a person into installing something they really don’t want. This all before I even got the application installed on my Windows 10 machine. Not a good start to trying this service.

When the setup completed I was presented with the option to create an account I used a temporary email address but you could also use your Google account, which would be handy if you are planning on using the service for awhile. Of course the push of other products continued after I setup my account with a push for Mailbird from their sister company. When the Degoo main application finally started I was presented with the main screen and able to add files the backup, check my account and do other tasks. I easily added some folders to the backup and ran the backup.

I had some issues with my recording software but I was able to do a restore of the downloads folder. You can see the restore process in the video below. I edited the video to take less time than it actually did. The restore process was fairly simple and you can select what folders and files you want to restore.

For the most part the backup and restore process was smooth and quick. I did have some problems getting the app to backup new files that I added to the folders I included in the backup but I did not investigate what the problem was. It could be as simple as I did not wait long enough for the application to start again. According to their website it does appear I was just impatient, since backups are suppose to occur once every 24 hours.

One of the unique features the application does have is the option to get some extra free space in exchange for letting the application mine scrypt based cryptocurrencies. On their website they specifically mention Litecoins, but there are several other scrypt based cryptocurrencies that you can see on Wikipedia that Degoo could mine. When I checked the button my account as automatically granted an extra 10GB of free space. It is an interesting idea for a company that offers free space to use users spare CPU cycles. I can’t imagine they make a great deal from most peoples computers but if they have hundreds of thousands of computers all working together it might make Degoo some extra cash. Personally it is nice to see the company up front about it, they could have just hidden it in the code and turned it on, but if I am going to mine cryptocurrencies I would rather just do it myself.

Android App

I also installed the Android app on my phone and gave it a spin for a week or so. To my surprise I was not bombarded with extra apps to install. In fact I was pleasantly surprised with the Android app and wished that the Windows desktop app was more like the Android one. Installing the Android app from the Play Store was not problem and I was able to set what to backup and use the app to browse the existing files from the account on my phone.

The only problem I had with the Android app was browsing files from the existing backup. I noticed that several of the larger files simply were not available to view on the phone. The files were large so perhaps the app was hiding them because there was no way I would have been able to download the files on to the phone. But it could also be the app has a bug and was not showing me everything. If you are using Degoo as a backup I would test it more to make sure it is accurately uploading and restoring files.


I am not overly impressed with Degoo as a backup service. The desktop version, while upfront with offers, seems more interested in installing other software than making the install and backup process run smoothly. The Android app is better but other than offering users a very generous 100GB I see no great benefit to using Degoo for backup. If you are very short on cash and cannot purchase a reasonable account with a better provider or are a poor student, then Degoo is perhaps a good option to consider, other wise I would recommend you look at another service.


The comment by Chris (see user reviews) had me go and take a quick second look at Degoo. The latest experience in trying the free version of Degoo for Windows did not go well. Creating an account was no problem but I was not able to actually download the Windows desktop client without doing one of two things. Giving them my credit card, and to be honest I don’t trust this company enough to give them my credit card. Or I had to spam my friends and family. I opted to spamming my own email accounts to see if I could at least get the desktop client downloaded. No luck. After entering in 10 email accounts and submitting them I was simply redirected back the same page.

Personally I would not use this service. Requiring a credit card for a free account is not free, and you don’t know what they are going to do with that information. The fact that they want your friends and family email addresses and then still don’t let you download the desktop application seems shady. There are simply to many red flags going up and to many road blocks to trying the service. There are better alternatives that you can try that are free, and better alternatives that cost less.

(Jan 2018)

33 reviews for Degoo Review

  1. KobusJHG

    Degoo is messed up. I lost my info. Carl and the other founders do not respond to review posts or e-mails. NEVER use this messed up program. You are going to lose data.

    • Cloudee

      Sorry to here about your trouble with Degoo.

      While I am sorry you have lost data I did edit your comment to be a little more friendly. Try to keep the language civil.


  2. Bikram


    I dont know Y this Fuss…
    Degoo is clearly for BACKUP… not Sync, as Gdrive/OneDrive/DropBox etc are…. you need to understand concept of these both terms before opting for these services. Also, it has 14 days of recycle-bin… I dont know how you lost your data.. and dont wana comment on it too… Sorry for your your loss, but you should never your important data for testing… always use Dummy data and do thorough testing before trying/implementing any such solutions.

    I am using Degoo from past 5 months and I am pretty impressed… taking backup of my production Databases and pushing it to Degoo everyday, My remote teams download it and test the sanity of the data along with using that for testing and building further on it. everyday approx 4 GB o data is Auto transferred …not even a single file missing.

    The review was good… just simple explanation of installation and process of uploading/downloading and 24 hour auto cycle for uploading yout local data to degoo cloud storage.


    I am highly satisfied and opted for 2TB storage and bought 3TB for my family.. thats how much I am satisfied. PERIOD.

  3. Chris

    Degoo works very well and a lot of these reviews would appear to be old. Degoo no longer uses your processor for other activities such as mining or weather and it also allows multiple devices even on the free accounts. I have never had an issue with degoo and been using for about 3 months so far. In my opinion it’s better for mobile devices and allows you to Chromecast your media files right in the app which is handy. Also I haven’t had any ads outside of the app and inside the app they are bearable and don’t pop up all over the page blocking your use of the app. In my opinion it’s a great app and free which is awesome. Also it auto updates any files and folders you select to keep updated.

    • Cloudee

      Thanks for your comment. Glad it works well for you. The review is not that old, but I did go and see if I could update some information. Unfortunately my experience was less than stellar. I have added it to the review.

  4. Ayushman Singh

    Cloudee I already have 40 GB free space on ONE drive and I am extremely happy with it. It is a blessing for me. But here I would like to inquire more about Degoo from it:
    1.) Why people call it less reliable as they report loss of data stored on Degoo servers?
    2.) As of present is company following any shady practices that puts a question on the character of the company in a service where trust is the key?
    3.) There android app, allows to extend the free storage by watching sponsored advert. videos and gives extra 1GB for each video…………UNBELIEVABLE!! I have installed their android app, is their anything about which I should be careful?
    4.) Personally I will not install it on PC. Will you recommend me to install it for a better experience?
    5.) Does it still mine cryptocurrency?
    6.) Does it still try to install useless soft wares on PC?

  5. Slawek

    Degoo is more a joke than a service… I’ve read some reviews and opinion before I bought 3TB storage. Many of them pointed very poor functionality of the service but it’s OK for me. I needed just for backup my most important files. However it’s really hard to believe that this is solution intended for backup when my whole backup just disappeared… the second time!
    If you buy it than probably you don’t know what to do with your money because I don’t believe you buy it for backup:-)
    Support does not reply at all.

  6. Thomas Morgan

    Not impressed with the services at all. Please beer in mind the time it can take to backup a large volume of data – mainly precious home vids and pictures, after getting over 1.6 TB backed up of my allocated 2TB of storage Degoo decides just to delete everything… EVERYTHING! No explanation to why or what’s happened nothing. This is seriously crap.

  7. Dan smith

    DO NOT TRUST Degoo they deleted all my files for inactivity 15gb of precious photos and videos all gone because I was supposedly inactive they offer a large amount of space but it comes at a price

  8. Patch

    You can get 3TB Lifetime storage from Degoo for $64.99 from here:

    • Cloudee

      Thanks for letting people know, but I would highly recommend people actually look for a service that is a little more consistent and reliable.

  9. Charlie Summers

    Cloudee, I think you missed something. If you go to the main page, the big sell is the 2-week free 2T account; but in a tiny button is “Try the free account,” which leads to a sign-up of the 100G account, no credit card needed, and a Download link which leads to a direct download of the desktop client.

    I’m not suggesting Degoo doesn’t have some serious issues, but requiring a credit card for a free account isn’t one of them.

  10. Diana

    I don’t see an issue with this company. Their app works and it is well worth it to back up phone for free, even if it means I have to watch some commercials. That’s fine. Gotta make money to maintain apps.

    I haven’t heard of them deleting data for inactivity though.. This sounds disconcerning… Is this really true??

  11. Cathy D

    I bought a 3TB Degoo lifetime account for $69.99 via Stacksocial in August, 2017. Before that I used a free account for a couple of years.

    I have not had any problems with Degoo, but maybe I am a ‘light’ user and/or just lucky. It backs up all the files and folders that I have designated automatically, daily. I use ‘turbo’ mode and have no slow down on my computer. Every time that I have wanted to restore a file or folder it worked perfectly.

    Free users should note that their files will be deleted after 90 days account inactivity, per their website:

  12. willie

    Are you only charged once, $99, and will continue to back up data at no cost for life? What am I missing. Feels like a catch.

    • Cloudee

      Considering the lifetime subscription is being sold only through Stacksocial and not Degoo themselves one has to wonder if there is a catch. I would say if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Honestly even if it is true the crappy client that Degoo offers it is worth looking at a better service. The more I try Degoo the less I like them.

  13. Bobby K.

    I stupidly purchased the 2-year 10TB plan for $99. Sounded like too good a deal to pass up. However, the service is dreadfully slow and not intuitive. I have a 200Gbps upload internet connection. However, even when using “turbo mode”, my uploads are about 12 KILOBYTES per second. It took 72 hours to upload 120GB. So, basically 600MB per hour. That is unacceptable. I was horrified when I attempted to download some of my data. After 5 minutes the download had not even begun! I deleted everything and requested a refund 3 separate times and received no response. I feel like a sucker.

  14. Andrew Lewis

    Another sucker (purchaser of the 10TB plan here). For me, the service simply doesn’t work – nothing uploads – any upload attemps just stuck as “starting”. For ever. I understand that this could be user or configuration error of some kind – however their customer support seems to be non-existent. I get zero response from any of my support requests – so I’m kind of stuck.

    Avoid this service like the plague. If it works for you, great – but if it doesn’t, you are very much on your own.

  15. joe

    Apart from having a poor GUI, the experience is really good so far. I got a lifetime 10Tb deal, still not sure if I am going to wipe my drives and relay on this. it’s a waiting game. From the reviews, I can see they are improving this all the time. so I say go for it.

  16. Dominik Faubert

    I have now contacted Degoo Support 5 times. I have received only “canned” with promises of getting back to me. I (regrettably) purchased 10T of storage/backup. My MBP with 6 cores of CPU spins its fans and shows 2 of those cores running 165% while my desktop app shows I have NO storage left. I know I’ve a couple of degrees, one in math, so that gives me angst when I have ONLY a 1T HD that is 1/2 full, but yet have NO Degoo storage space left! I’ve just deleted 1/2 of the required storage space, added 1000G of promised space and STILL have no available storage space. Bottom line: DO NOT PURCHASE OR WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE. pCloud is one of the BEST cloud storage services with which I’m dealing. It is F-A-S-T and provides excellent service and access. Almost as fast as my USB3 HD and you can access from anywhere!

  17. Neo

    I purchased the 10 TB plan which was a terrible mistake. Degoo is not a functioning service. The only way to back up a computer is through the web interface and there is no way to restore your backups. There is absolutely zero support. I also had the android app installed and once I uninstalled it I got an email every day from Degoo to say that they are sorry to let me go, but no matter how many times you try to contact them there is absoluteness no answer from them. Avoid this service, there is nothing good about it.

  18. Slate

    Beware of this app. It’s a scam. They will delete your important files deliberately. They will ignore you even if you contact them everyday. Don’t risk your precious files with these clowns. Don’t waste your money we with these heartless people.

  19. stacks

    I got the 10tb stacksocial deal as well. I use it on my mac, my phone, my pc, my work computer. The app on my pc maxes out my upload speed at a healthy 1gig/sec as it’s connected directly to my router. So no speed restrictions. Although I did change one setting in the app. I changed the speed to turbo. I’m pretty sure the other settings are so that it runs in the background. I just wanted to test the speed of the app though.

    The one minus star is for the mac app. It does not work. I’m on mac 10.15.1. I download the app and mac os says it cannot be run because it cannot be inspected. I figured out that you have to manually inspect it yourself. Like open up the file and see what it contains, only then will it run. But it still doesn’t work.

    I think this could be a great service as they use google for the backend which is also why their prices are so cheap. Also, I read somewhere that the entire company is run by 9 people.

  20. Degoo User

    Stay as far away from Degoo as you can. Yes, they are cheap, but there is a reason for that – they are completely incompetent. Their service is appalling and their support DOES NOT EXIST.

    Their software is ridiculously impaired – for example, if you upload a folder you will not be warned if duplicate files exist: it will upload everything afresh!
    There is next to no feedback on ongoing upload/download operations.

    Even the most fundamental facilities of file management are messed up, or non-existent.

    And they are SO incompetent, that after I managed to get a refund (through their retailer – Degoo never answered a single email of mine) they neglected to cancel my account! So I have a lifetime of 10TB storage! But I’m still not using it because it’s so bad.


  21. Scott

    if you want a cheap storage solution, this fits the bill. that being said, i wish i would have considered the comments/reviews before buying the lifetime 10TB. only the web app is available and it is awful. I give the ‘app’ (in quotes, because I am not even sure you can call it that) a 1 star at best. I don’t trust it one little bit. it is very clunky. At the very least I expect it to provide information regarding what has been backed up (number of files, directories, etc – simple stuff). I purchased it so I could share photos as well as back them up and this seemingly was promoted. You can only share individual images, not folders or sub-folders. I found an older version of the desktop client but it does not allow you to log in.

    it is bad… but $99 for lifetime / 10TB maybe it’s worth it? I don’t know if it actually backed up what I wanted it to for lack of reporting or simple accounting. Another bizarre detail of the accounting / percentage uploading is that it is inaccurate but ‘seems’ to get it there. I see a lot of comments on it ‘losing data’ which is the primary reason I bought it. I am not comfortable without seeing *some* kind of reporting. So, it’s cheap. I will continue to use but am using another method to back the data up until I trust it.

    I read in another forum that they may be redeveloping the interface (man I hope so, that would seriously change my review if they added a few simple common features I mentioned above).

  22. Polosaty

    Got 3 tb plan. BIG mistake. Support nonexistent. They are phasing out desktop apps. There is no value in having backup solution without means to basically backup things. I assume no one is really considering upload files via web interface as a viable option. They are putting their useless Moments functionality. It is just your random photos displayed on startup screen… I would really would like an option to disable that and jump right to files. Save s me one click every time. Recently they’ve introduced Android TV version of the app. it is updates every couple of weeks. I assume it is under active development. But like everything with these guys IT NEVER WORKED. NOT EVEN ONCE…

  23. Scott

    since I can’t edit my review, I will amend by saying this. I stopped using degoo. it is a prime example of needing to consider what I need, what I want and what it offered. I was rash in the purchase because of the word ‘lifetime’ and 10TB. before using degoo, please look at what it offers and make SURE to read comments, reviews and ALTERNATIVES. I don’t think it is proper to say the service I had to go with, but it is 10,000% better.

  24. Chris Williams

    I’ve been using Degoo for quite a while now, albeit the free version – and I used their marketing/advertising links, etc, to increase my storage up to 505GB, which was more than sufficient. I only use one PC to perform backups, and my phone to access them from time to time, so the limited of 1 x Windows PC per account wasn’t an issue. The desktop app, which is pretty basic, was also “fit for purpose”, in that it let you specify while folders you wanted backed up, and then monitored them and backed up any files not already backed up. Sadly, they have now changed their platform (without any advice), so that their desktop application is no longer able to upload file – they can now only be uploaded manually to their website, and your file and folder management is now also manual. Very dissapointing. I’m pleased I wasn’t paying for the service, or worse, had already paid for perpetual access, as it’s now so painful to use that I’ve deleted my account…

  25. Chintal Patel

    one of the worst cloud backup service ever I came across. It lacks basic functionality of cloud storage and its features are none compare to other cloud storage providers.

  26. Peter Tan

    Excellent in download, upload and no problem with all the functions. Recommend it.

  27. John Strong

    Comically Bad, Possibly Even Criminal

    This service is **comically** bad. Wow, just wow. Like an idiot I paid $99 for a “lifetime subscription” and 10 TB storage. I figured, well, even if they go under after 2 or 3 years, it won’t be such a bad value.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #1: They have no mechanism for downloading entire folders!!

    You have to download *one* *file* *at* *a* *time*. So the promise of 10 TB is deceptive. It is a marketing bait-and-switch, because what sort of customer cares about 10TB of storage? Answer: a customer who wants to back up an entire system with an option to restore the data in case of system failure. That’s not an option when you can only download one file at a time!

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #2: Unbelievably AWFUL Customer Support.

    On finding out about the severe limits to the download functionality, I immediately requested a refund. Degoo Customer Support refused to even answer my inquiry. The only communication I’ve received from them was a short 5 word sentence that left me with the impression that Degoo Customer Support speaks English as a second language.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #3: Intrusive Nannying.

    When it became clear that I was stuck with the service, I decided to make the most of the large amount of memory on offer (10 TB) and upload some things of secondary importance that I can’t fit on my 2TB of Google storage, so I started uploading things like multimedia files that I have ripped from DVDs. All of a sudden, after uploading a terabyte of data, I get a message saying my account would be cancelled because I had violated “community standards” by uploading copyrighted material. No offer of a refund, just a notice that my account would be “deleted”. The real reason for the cancellation may be that they only want people who use a tiny fraction of the 10 TB they promise, so if you start uploading anything other than family pictures, anything in other words that takes up a significant amount of disc space they don’t really want your business. But the reason may even be worse, which brings me to

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #4. Signs of a Criminal Scam.

    After reading the experiences of other users, I am now a bit worried, because many others are reporting the same experience I had suggesting that Degoo is simply stealing data and then deleting accounts once they’ve harvested the data. If so, these people are criminals. AVOID DEGOO LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE.

  28. Stellan Jara

    I paid for 5 years and all my files have been wiped out, AVOID THESE CLOWNS!

    Degoo is a complete scam, your files are not safe.

    They have sent emails to many people that they have scanned files and find some content infringing copyright. A few files were listed. They threatened to terminate my account if the were files not removed (these files did not even exist on my computer).

    Its total waste of time, money and your memories. DO NOT TRUST THESE CLOWNS. Your personal data is not secure and may be shared with other companies. They are scanning your files breaching privacy.
    Remove this crappy fraud cloud storage degoo.

  29. Majd

    I paid for a lifetime subscription with 2 TB.
    After 3 years of usage, and after shifting from Google Drive to Degoo, the team is Degoo had sent me an email that my account will be suspended.
    I understand that there is some misunderstanding; they blocked me from raising a ticket in their site, and they stopped the appeal option as well.
    The issue is that they have no direct customer service email where you can contact them, neither help desk line.
    Whatever is the reason of their decision, they have no right to delete 3 years of memory.
    I would never recommend this “Degoo” as they are unreliable, can’t be contacted, and you have a great chance to lose all your files anytime!

  30. Jeremy

    DON’T buy in to Degoo.
    Regrettably, I paid for the 10TB lifetime. “Lifetime” seems to mean “whenever Degoo decides to kill it”!!
    I received the copyright infringement warning and immediately tracked down the source. It was a DVD I own that i had loaded onto a laptop, which was then backed up to Degoo. I appealed, which went nowhere – zero interaction at all. Filed a help ticket – even less of a response. Just nothing at all.
    Even if it’s content you DO own…I’ve read of folks recording weddings with music playing in the background…you can still be turfed with no hope of any recourse.
    My next step is to discuss with my credit card company. Degoo is a service willing to take your money, but fails on the service part.

  31. Kiran Lanka

    I have lifetime plan for 10TB, its useless. I takes ages to upload my photos. What a waste of money.

  32. Mike P.

    Upon reading the negative reviews of Degoo, I could not understand the issue. I got a great deal via SocialSlack on a lifetime sub and it was working well. The amount of storage was fantastic for large video files that I needed to backup (since Zoom has limited storage space). My purchase was a 2-fer, so I gave the other sub to an organization I work with that uses Zoom a lot. Then at the end of March, while uploading many files, some files got stuck at the processsing stage and would not complete. After a couple days of rebooting and retrying, I submitted a support ticket. The next day I decided to try again and a pop-up showed that uploads were limited to 1GB in file size and that I had to upgrade to do more. First of all, it is unethical (shady is an understatement) to apply such a limit retroactively to existing customers (I can understand it for new ones), especially when it defeats the point of why I got the suscription. Second, I had the highest plan they offer: there was no way to upgrade. I submitted another ticket asking what was happening. I got a response to the first ticket that they would look into the issue (of course, the issue ended up being that it was my over 1GB files not finishing and thus were being limited without prior notice); I got a response to the second ticket that they would look into the cap, and he came back stating that was the new limit on my subscription (not even answering how I could upgrade to allow for more). So, bottom line, this service is not consumer friendly. Unless you dont really care about what you’re uploading, do NOT subscribe to them or pay them any money. The illicit way of doing business is the reason why they get 1 star.

  33. rein

    I received an email from them saying a bot detective copyrighted material and that my account was being terminated and I would lose all my data.. They didn’t even give me the option to just delete that file and once I received the email they completely locked my account and I could not even download the file I had uploaded! I lost over 150GB of data! Don’t trust them! I’d rate it zero stars if I could! And no one from Degoo has stepped in with a word about this

  34. Ken

    I just received the copyright infringement email today. I had backed up several files that do in fact contain copyrighted material, that I have purchased the license to. What good is cloud backup if you can’t back up files that you have hundreds of dollars invested in. I have removed the files as I also have off line backup, just wanted to protect all my files in case of a catastrophic loss, but oh well. Will see if they delete my account that I purchased lifetime 10TB storage. I have deleted the offending file, but will have to wait and see if my account will be terminated or not. Not happy with them right now

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