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$0.00 Plans start at $8.29/month

An easy to use service to help automate regular social media tasks. The free plan has enough options to help websites and blogs that only post occasionally with support for 3 sites or feeds and 2 social profiles. Websites that need more posting done than the free account offers will need a Pro account.

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  • Free plan offers enough to actually test out the service.
  • Easy to setup and get started.
  • Uses RSS Feeds,

  • Editing what the service post is more complicated than it should be.

The Great

It seems everyone these days needs to have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc account. Creating content for all of those social media platforms is a time consuming task. helps to relive some of that pressure by automating posting to your social media accounts from your website or blog. If you are regularly posting on your company or personal website or blog can help automate the task of posting those posts on your social media.

The service is easy to setup after you create an account, you simply paste in your RSS feed and the service will walk you through setting up when it should post new items, let you connect your social media accounts. It is really quite easy to setup and to get the service to start posting.

The Not So Great

Getting the service to start posting is easy but perfecting how the service posts seems more complicated than it should be. You can setup additional text to go before or after the post text and tell the service to add the descrition from the post but it seems kind of hit and miss. I guess if you want total control over the post you will have to manually post it to your accounts.


I set up this site to use to post to the two social media accounts we have. I can see it being useful but if you rely more on your social media for traffic you might want to make spend more time tweaking settings.

1 review for Review

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    James Sawarthout

    Horrible. This thing does not even come close to working. Did you even try it? It never works. I have tried it 4 different times and every time is the same. It simply never works. I wait for anything to happen. I set the thing for every 5 minutes and it blows through that 16 times over…its actually quite nuts…The only thing its supposed to do is post things in automated ways and it does not even do that.

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