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have i been pwned? Review


A simple and easy way to find out if your email address has been part of a data breach.

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  • Simple easy to use service to see if your email has been leaked in a data breach.

  • No easy way to help you change passwords on accounts or links to help you.

The Great

It sucks getting tons of spam email or having an account hacked and sometimes you have no clue how these people gain access to that information. If you want an easy to use service that will give you an idea of how your email address or username might have been leaked have i been pwned? is the place to go. You can easily check to see if your email or username has been leaked in previous breaches, and even check if your password that you have used on multiple websites has been leaked. (You know you should not do that right?)

As you can see one of my email addresses has been found in a several data breaches.

The Not So Great

There is a lot of great information on the site, but it would be nice if they would link to the sites where your address was leaked from. That might not always be practical, but it would at least let you go and change your account on those sites if you have not done so already


There are other paid services that will give you similar information, some paid site even use the have i been pwned? API to get the information. Why pay when you can get it here for free.


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