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LastPass helps you to manage all of those passwords in a secure and easy way. Whether you are using the browser extension or the mobile version your passwords are securely encrypted and only available to you. You can easily generate secure passwords and keep all those hard to remember passwords in one place.

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I’ve been using LastPass for about two years now and I don’t know how I survived online without it before that! There’s always more and more sites that want you to sign up and make accounts. LastPass takes away a lot of the worry and hassle. It can generate passwords for you (even making them ‘pronounceable’ if you want) or let you know you’re using the same password across multiple sites. It does a lot more than just basic password storage though.

LastPass even allows you to change the password you use for a site within its dashboard, so you don’t have to fuss with a site’s nonsensical navigation. In fact, LastPass recently made a huge update to their dashboard which makes finding your details much easier – no more navigating through long text lists of sites! You can easily spot a site by its logo now. There’s a “Secure Notes” section of the dashboard that lets you store other important security information, like wifi passwords or ID numbers. It’s also super useful if you have to share an account with someone else – LastPass makes it very easy to safely share login details with other LastPass users.

In my time using LastPass there’s really only been two downsides that I’ve come across – the mobile support and occasional auto-fill bugginess. In order to utilize LastPass on your mobile device for app logins you have to pay for the Premium version. It’s definitely a bummer, especially now that more and more web use is done on phones and tablets. Not terribly often, but often enough to notice, I’ve found that LastPass will bug out and not auto-fill in the username and passwords for sites, even if I have that option turned on. It’s easy enough to open the LastPass dashboard and just copy-paste the info from there, but it would be nice if the software behaved the way it should all the time.

Overall, LastPass is an indispensable tool that gets regular quality of life and feature updates. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Peter

    Please keep your articles up-to-date.
    The Premium version of LastPass now costs $24/Year.

    • Cloudee

      Thanks for letting me know I have updated it.

      This is done in my spare time as a hobby, not like it is my full time job.

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