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Multcloud Review

Allows you to manage, transfer and sync files and folders easily between cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and long list of others. Questions about their ownership being located in China does cause some concern and should be considered before trusting this service and company with sensitive data.

Price: $0.00 Free. Plans starting at $9.90/month.

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  • Allows file management of many different cloud storage services.
  • Can transfer data between cloud services easily.
  • Large number of cloud services supported.


  • Company located in China.
  • Only web based. No Desktop or Mobile apps.

The Great

If you have multiple cloud storage accounts you might want a convenient way to many them all together in one place. MultCloud is built specifically for this purpose. Create an account with them, authorize them to manage your cloud storage account on Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive and more and then only login to MutlCloud to manage your files, transfer data between cloud storage services or sync data between them.

They offer a free account with some limits on how much data you can transfer, how many features you can use and technical support. Starting at $9.90USD you can get more transfer data and a considerable amount more modes and features you can access.

The service seemed to work fine when I was testing it. I had no problem connecting a Google Drive account and a MEGA account on the service. I was then able to add files to either service, move them between services and manage the files through MultCloud. The web based manager works well enough, even if it looks slightly out of date already.

The service does seem to do what it claims to do and if you have multiple accounts across different cloud storage services it might be worth having a paid account at MultCloud as well.

Supported Services

Adding Google Drive

Support for MEGA

Setting up Cloud Transfer

Cloud Transfer Progress

The Not So Great

One of the questions that struck me first when I heard about this company from their emails to me is where are they located? Browsing their website I could find NO physical address for this company listed anywhere. Then I remembered that in their email they mentioned they are owned by AOMEI Technology. According to the AOMEI Technology Facebook and Twitter accounts are located in China. Now granted we trust cloud companies located in other parts of the world all the time. Certainly the Privacy polices and terms of use do not seem to list anything suspicious or odd but there is something that makes me uneasy about using a company that is based out of China and handing them over my approval to access my cloud storage services. I used only test accounts with them, but I would think twice about using this service if I had anything sensitive in my cloud storage services that I gave them access too.

The lack of a desktop or any mobile apps is a problem with this service. If I have multiple cloud storage accounts I want to be able to access that storage on my PC or mobile device and be able to deal with those files on the device. I do not want to have to install multiple cloud storage desktop and mobile apps and then have to manage them all from another website. Let me manage this all with one app on the device I want to use.


The service has its uses but overall I would recommend you look for alternatives to MultCloud. The fact that the website does not list where they are located and who owns them just throws up to many red flags for me about the service as a whole. There might not be any problem with their service at all but why take the chance that all your data could end up copied and stored in some Chinese data center somewhere. Even without the issues of ownership the lack of any desktop or mobile apps just limits how useful this service is.