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$0.00 5GB Free. $96/year.

Offers an easy to use, and most important, secure cloud storage service. Along with desktop apps there are also Android and iOS apps available to allow for easy access to your files from pretty much anywhere.

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  • 5GB Free
  • Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption.
  • Privacy guarantee (they can’t access your files or file metadata).
  • Sharing folders and files easy.
  • Android and iOS apps.
  • Vault space that you can use to backup or freeing space on your computer.

  • No Linux version available.
  • Downloading a whole folder is not intuitive
  • No monthly personal plan.

The Great

Using a cloud storage service should not be difficult. It should offer easy to understand security, easy tools to upload and manage your files, and not break your bank account. The best thing about Sync is they offer all of those features, with a focus on security first. With the focus on security you might lose out on some conveniences like connecting your cloud storage to other services, but the trade off is worth it knowing that the only people that will be able to access your files is you.

Sync also makes it easy to get your files synchronized. Once you sign up you can download a desktop app to install and upload and sync your files and folders to the Sync servers. This is not much different than most other cloud storage services and is a very familiar process for many people. They also offer Android and iOS apps for accessing and managing your files on the go. An added feature is the Android and iOS app can both be setup to backup your photos and videos from your devices to your Sync account. Never hurts to have another copy of your precious photos an videos saved in the cloud.

Cloud storage also should not break your bank account. Some of Sync’s competitors seem to still be billing as if storage was expensive. Sync personal accounts start at $49.00/USD a year. You can even give Sync a decent try since they offer 5GB of space for free. That is enough for you to find out if Sync will work for you. I only used the free account to test the service and I can honestly say I would seriously consider using the service regularly, just for the zero knowledge alone.

The Not So Great

Only the files and folders in the sync folder will sync with their servers. It is a bit of pain to rearrange your files to get them to sync. Granted this is the way many other services do it and you can get used to it. It would be nice to just be able to right click on a folder and have it sync up.

The web interface for Sync is adequate, but it does feel clunky and not particularly easy to use. It would not be a deal breaker for me but it does seem to be missing some of the nicer interface features of Google Drive or Dropbox.


I would recommend Sync for people that do not want to worry about others possibly gaining access to their files yet still want the convenience of cloud storage. The service is affordable, offers sharing, decent desktop and mobile apps and it does what it says it does.

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For the record, I am a Sync affiliate. If you signup for Sync through my link they will compensate me but that in no way has impacted my review.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Been using for a couple years now. Love it! Moved from Dropbox to Sync to make sure my files were securely encrypted and have never looked back.

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