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TinyPNG Review

Easily optimize your PNG and JPG images for faster downloading and bandwidth savings. Free easy to use PNG and JPG image optimization. Offers free WordPress plugin and Magneto extension. Free Photoshop plugin. Developer API to integrate into your own code.

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TinyPNG is a very straightforward, simple tool: you give it .PNG and .JPG files and it uses smart compression to make them smaller. This is very useful if you’re wanting to use transparent background images in the form of .PNGs for websites or apps because the decreased size means much faster loading time for your users. Even if you’re just using .JPG files, TinyPNG will smartly compress the file, which means you don’t have to worry about the overly rendered and pixelated look most .JPGs get when compressed for the web. TinyPNG is available to use everywhere, including on mobile devices.

Using the TinyPNG tool is incredibly easy. You simply go to the site and drag and drop up to 20 .PNGs at a time for it to compress. It does its thing in just a few minutes (depending on how big your original files are) and then gives you a .zip file full of the newly compressed .PNGs. It even tells you how much smaller the new file is compared to the old one. Because TinyPNG is so focused on doing one thing, it does that one thing very well. I was quite surprised by how much it was able to compress the .PNG images I gave it. The first .PNG I gave it had 855KB shaved off of its size, which was 73% of the original size. This makes it a lot easier not just to put your images directly on the web, but also to share with others.

TinyPNG doesn’t just have the website though - they even have an Adobe Photoshop plugin you can download. If you’re a web designer this is an incredibly valuable tool because it lets you see what the compressed file size will be before you even save it. It even provides color management for the files. Unfortunately, the Photoshop plugin is $50, however if you are a professional designer who really needs to be able to intelligently manage the file sizes then I would say it is worth the price.

Overall TinyPNG is a fantastic free cloud based service that will help webmasters and bloggers of all kinds to speed up their image downloads for their visitors. If you want to easy compress your PNG files give TinyPNG a try. The price is certainly right.