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Waistra Unlimited Cloud Storage Review

The app offers some interesting features including: Free cloud storage – unlimited free cloud storage. Streaming support – simple to use full screen stream player. Unlimited storage – there is no limit to upload files. Secure – secured by military grade 256 bit encryption method. However this app and service have some serious issues and I would recommend anyone thinking of using it steer clear.

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  • App installed easily from the app store.
  • Private and Public mode for files for sharing.


  • Website does not work.
  • Uploading video did not work. Need to be less than 50MB.
  • Uploading audio worked but playback did not.
  • Exposes users email addresses on user details page.
  • No way to automatically upload photos, media etc.

The Not So Great

Usually I write about what is great about an app first, to highlight what an app or service has done well. In this case I decided to start with what is not so great about Waistra, mainly because the bad things about this app and service so badly out weigh any good things about the service I could find. The bad started when I visited the Waistra website and was faced with a seriously broken website with multiple missing and broken file links, no styles etc. This was warning sign number one.

Using the app is pretty simple, but there are no automatic settings. You cannot get the app to automatically upload your photos, media or files. Each file needs to be uploaded manually, although you can select multiple files at once to upload. The app advertises itself as having unlimited storage but in my upload testing I quickly discovered that uploads have limits of 50MB. Forget about uploading any large video files to the service to store and stream. Next I tried to upload an MP3 audio file. The service had no problem uploading a 6MB audio file, but playing it though the app simply was not possible. So much for being able to stream your music using the app. It simply sat there spinning for a while before it gave up.

This app and service is the only one I have ever seen where you can follow people, sort of like Instagram or Twitter. You can search for users to follow and I guess the idea is you can share files with them. Interesting idea in concept, but the execution of this is just horrible. You can search for users but the app automatically shows you users, tapping on their profile reveals that users files that they have shared and along with their user name and EMAIL ADDRESS! So congrats to Waistra for exposing their users email address in the app. Nothing like having your details leaked. Would this not be a violation of GDPR in Europe?

The Great

The one interesting feature is the private and public mode for sharing files, not that this is really original, simple a different way of naming how you share files. It really is not different than sharing files using Google Drive or Dropbox if you think about it but the idea to being able to follow someone. I


Waistra is an app that over sells and under delivers, not a good combination. The lure of unlimited cloud storage might be tempting to try the app but this app and service are so bad I would highly recommend that you just run away from this app and service as fast as possible.